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High durability meets cool design

High-quality materials, high functionality and a one-of-a-kind design define the new storage items in the BMW Motorrad Urban Collection. Whether out for a grocery run or on a multi-week road trip, you will be optimally equipped for any adventure with the new Urban Collection.

Urban Collection Bags

Available in different sizes and shapes, the three new tank bags in the Urban Collection cover almost all motorcycle-specific requirements. The Tank Bag Urban Collection Large (GS) (13 - 16 liters) is designed especially for motorcycles with steeply sloping tank shapes, while the Tank Bag Urban Collection Large (13 - 16 liters) was developed for motorcycles with semi-circular tank shapes. The Tank Bag Urban Collection Small (5 liters), is the third variant when less storage space is required.

BMW Motorrad Collection

Something to rely on

Items in the Urban Collection are finished in proven BMW Motorrad quality. They have not only been coordinated to match each other, but their materials and everyday practicality are specifically geared towards your needs.

BMW Motorrad Collection